NTT DATA Hackathon 2017

NTT DATA Building

NTT DATA is a multinational company that is clearly committed to innovation. In order to encourage and boost it, the company will host the NTT DATA Global Hackathon 2017.

The Hackathon will be a cross regional internal competition where all the NTT DATA Group companies (OpCOs) are invited.

The main purpose of this Hackathon is to promote, foster, and generate innovation within the Group, and it is a great opportunity for employees to show their ideas and capabilities in matters of innovation.

Global Vision


Regional Preliminaries

The first Stage of the Hackathon will be done individually in each of the participating NTT DATA Group companies, without competing against each other.

A series of common Challenges will be proposed for all the Group Companies and the employees will be able to present ideas to answer these Challenges.

The objective of the first Stage is to select ideas and teams that will represent the Group Companies in the Global Final (second Stage). Deadline: September 30th.


Global Final

The second Stage of the Hackathon will consist on a 2-day-event where the finalist teams of each NTT DATA Group Companies will have to develop a prototype or make progress on the prototype developed in the Regional Preliminaries.

Teams will compete against each other.

Details about the product / prototype to be developed will be provided by the Organization before the start of the Global Final.

The Global Final will be held in Barcelona and it will take place on the 20th and 21st of November, 2017.


The Hackathon Organization has defined 9 great Challenges from a business and technological point of view. All of them are completely aligned with NTT DATA Technology Foresight 2017 trends.
In order to know more details about the NTT DATA Technology Foresight, please visit the following link: